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Let Us Show You How Easy it Is to Set a New Tank!

Whether you are beginning new construction or if you have already begun, call Stevens Propane at 1-800-672-7427  or 231-269-4415 for advice on your energy needs. Be aware that during the fall and early winter our schedule fills quickly. Call early to get the best date and time for your new tank set.

If you are considering switching from another company to Stevens Propane, CLICK HERE!

We'll show you what you need and provide information for your heating contractor. We'll give you advice as to the proper appliances and tank placement. We'll explain everything in an easy to understand manner.

We will evaluate the site placement for your new tank. Debris will be removed, the ground will be leveled and supports will be put in place.

Checking and Preparing the Site Placing Your New Stevens Propane Tank

After the evaluation, we will move our service truck into place.  Your new tank will be lifted from our truck and carefully placed into position.  

Once your new tank is in place, new hardware will be installed.

Installing the Hardware on the Tank Installing the Hardware to the House

Your system will be evaluated to make sure it meets the strictest of specifications. Safety is of the utmost concern, so nothing will be left to chance. 

If necessary, we will dig a trench from your new tank to your home. It is best to contact Stevens Propane before landscaping for a site evaluation. This way, we can make sure your choice is the best and safest for your home.

Digging the Trench Copper Placed in the Trench

Copper will be placed in the trench.  Regulators will be installed and checked.  Every connection will receive a thorough check as new risers are installed.

After hardware installation, we will check for leaks. We will perform the Gas Appliance System Check, also known as GAS Check®. This is a vital preventative maintenance service performed by our propane systems experts. 


For more information on GAS Check®, click the GAS Check® logo here:GASCheck

Once all safety checks are completed, it's time to fill your tank with energy-efficient propane.  Your new tank is set and ready for years of service.

Your New Stevens Tank Ready for Years of Dependable Service

We're ready if you are! If you are preparing to make propane your energy choice, contact Stevens Propane at 1-800-672-7427 to set up an appointment. Our schedule fills up quickly, so call early to get the best date and time for your new tank set.  More questions?  Contact us!