Stevens Propane

10900 M-37 Highway
Buckley, Michigan 49620

Office Hours

Monday through Friday ~ 8 AM to 5 PM
Saturdays ~ 9 AM to Noon

If you smell propane in your home, IMMEDIATELY evacuate everyone and your pets and then shut the tank off. The shut off valve is located under the hood of the tank. Then, immediately contact Stevens Propane by calling from a neighbor's home.

All systems installed by Stevens Propane are pressure checked at the time of installation to assure that there are no leaks and that pressure in the lines is at the appliance operating level. If any lines are disconnected for any reason, a pressure check must be reapplied. Remember, if you are in doubt about anything regarding your propane gas system, call us for help!

Stevens Propane offers the Gas Appliance System Check. It is a preventative maintenance service performed by trained propane system experts. Our goal with this service is not to find problems, but to prevent them. We check everything from the tank to the appliances to make sure your home or business is as safe as it possibly can be.

Here are four important reasons why you should have Gas Check®:

  • Gas Check® will provide you with a complete safety check of your propane system. Your system is inspected and we educate you about proper and safe operation.
  • Avoid costly emergency repair bills. Preventive maintenance is important to avoid costly problems by catching them early.
  • Efficiency can be improved and your energy costs can be reduced. We will help you find the best combination of factors to give you the most efficient system to help you burn the least amount of fuel for the most energy.

Help to extend the life of your system and equipment. A well-maintained system will last longer and need fewer repairs resulting in lower costs for you.